We’re a professional photographer dedicated to helping our clients increase their sales and grow their brands by shooting truly stunning product photography.

Our process


Our Team Works in Auckland and Around New Zealand Shooting Advertising, Still Life and Professional Product Photography for Some of Nz’s Best Brands.

Mailer Photography

Product Image Photography for Mailers

Almost not a week goes by that we are not shooting product photography images that end up in mailers and brochures. We’re a professional photographer with years experience with ensuring quick and cost effective workflows are in place for high volume product photography shoots like most mailer clients demand.


Product Image Photography for Retail

Clearcut Retail Product Photography is where we excel and preform miles head of our competitors, we’re a professional photographer with a dedicated state of the art product photography studio setup with the right equipment and workflow to pump out images like this all day every day to a truly outstanding quality.

Lifestyle advertising

Product Image Photography for Lifestyle

For many of our clients showing their product in a real-life situation is an important part of their marketing strategy. To cater for this we have a fully mobile product photography vehicle with professional photographer where we can shoot products in lifestyle situations virtually anywhere in New Zealand.

Marketing & PROMO

Product Image Photography for Marketing

Staged marketing hero product photography shots are a key part to any high preforming product launch strategy. We have an in-house expert set designer why works with our professional photographer who can cater for any requirements our clients have for product setup or placement to ensure unique and original results are achieved.

Our Clients

As well as shooting product photography for some of New Zealand’s leading brands we are also proud to work with a wide range of small niche clients in a range of growth industries dedicated to success.

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Investing in A professional photographer is one of the fastest and most cost effective ways to increase brand or product credibility. It really doesn’t matter if you are running a multi million dollar international advertising campaign or just a couple of simple display advertisements, having professional advertising photography is virtually guaranteed to increase your conversion both online and offline.
It’s important to realise the current shopping trends of “buy online” and “research online, buy offline” which means it’s almost guaranteed that your customers will or have already checked out your competitors products. Utilising ultra high resolution product photography shot by a professional photographer is a very simple way to set yourself aside from your competitors and ensure success of your product.
Coming from marketing and advertising agency backgrounds allows us to fully understand our customers requirements and the sort of deadlines they encounter. Before running our own studio we coordinated and project managed literally hundreds of photo and video shoots with photographers and videographers all around the world. The result is an amazing range of experience in seeing things done both right and wrong.

We take a fully holistic approach to product photography, taking your whole marketing strategy into consideration rather than just being an in-and-out type studio. This allows you to have complete confidence in our process and can be assured we hit your goals dead on target each and every time.

As well as years of photographic knowledge, all our staff have either formal marketing degrees or have sat numerous advertising papers, so you can be assured you are dealing with people that can speak the speak and understand your goals completely.

Our head photographer spent many years working with some of Australasia’s biggest retailers, managing an image databank of close to 10,000 product images which were being used weekly in incredibly tight deadlines for print, television and online.

We don’t believe in ongoing licensing or usage fees for product photography so once your shoot is complete and paid for, you retain full rights to all of your images for life.

There are no ongoing fees, contracts or licences to pay. The product photographs we take become 100% yours to do anything you want with.

Fine print in contracts that say usage rights expire in 12 or 24 months is a common inclusion with a lot of photographers and is a big trap a lot of our clients fall into with other product photographers so don’t say we didn’t warn you if you end up in this situation.

Check out our clients and portfolio its easy to see who is shooting all the major brands and products that you would see daily in print, web and television.

We are proud to shoot product photography for some of New Zealand’s most well know brands and over the years have built up an incredible portfolio showcasing our work across many industries.

Finding a product photographer who has a full holistic approach and understandings marketing objectives in extremely rare thing which is why our major clients keep coming back.

This gives us an amazing insight into nothing but producing stunning product images. We found that a lot of our new clients had had sub-standard experiences with other photographers over the years where they were just shooting product photography as a side speciality and didn’t specialise or really understand the ins and outs of this. We don’t spend half the year on weddings or events, we spend the entire year on products.

Our team shoots nothing but product all day long, every day of the year so has some amazing techniques and strategies to achieve true world class images right here in New Zealand.

As well as having a state of the art dedicated product photography studio in Auckland we also operate in our range of sub studios all around New Zealand.

There is basically no location anywhere in NZ that one of us hasn’t taken a photo in or isn’t instantly available to shoot product photography in for you if needed.

Those magic words mean that we know your market, your demographic and best of all you’re working with a bunch of great, honest and hard working people that truly want to see your product and business succeed.

Nothing makes us prouder than to see great kiwi companies succeed at what they do and we love nothing more than helping them on that journey.

Sorry, but you won’t find any film, darkrooms or PC’s around here.

Our studio contains a small fortune of all the latest and greatest gear. For in studio product shoots we use primarily Nikon bodies and lenses including the brand new full frame D810 and D4 bodies and for larger studio shoots, for things like vehicles, we prefer to use medium format Hasselblad gear.

For lighting we carry nothing but the worlds best Profoto studio equipment, we never compromise with cheap or budget lighting, our latest Profoto purchase was in the range of $20k for one single piece of equipment.

Our editing and retouching suite is 100% Apple Mac, containing a range of high end equipment including the brand new 27″ iMacs. This ensures consistency and productivity is always kept at the highest standard.

We are continuously getting sent new equipment to test and evaluate in our studios so are always up to date with the latest and greatest innovations in photography.

Our recommendation which is shared by thousands of top photographers world wide is if your photographer is not shooting with 100% Profoto lighting then keep walking.

After close to 15 years working with commercial photographers and seeing first hand some of their very antiquated and inefficient workflows, we made it our first focus to have a highly optimised, streamlined workflow from initial consultation right through to photo delivery.

We are proud to to say that we have such an efficient workflow that the majority of our clients are 100% hands-off. They courier us their product, we complete the full shoot, proofing and final re-touching and correction process without even needing to meet face to face. This saves you time and gives us additional time in the editing suite to ensure your final images are truly outstanding

Actually it’s better than a 100% money back guarantee, because if you’re not happy with our work, you don’t pay a cent, it’s that simple. We cover the collection and return of your product so shooting with us is virtually risk free.

Just be warned though, in all our time operating not a single customer has taken us up on this offer!

We have a full mobile product photography setup as well which we use when either products are too big to transport to our studios or we determine it’s more economical for the client for us to shoot these items onsite.

Many clients have large or unusual products that require photography where its not economical for them to bring these into studio. Which is where our unique product photography van was invented. Think a Hiace van filled to the roof with close to 100k worth of professional product photography equipment.