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We are currently bringing on strategic partners to work with on a range of photography services in different areas around New Zealand.

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Being a number one ranked advertising and product photographer in New Zealand means every day we get numerous enquiries about a range of different photography services our customers need. While our expert in-house photographers deal with the majority of this there are often times where geographic location or photography discipline means our preference is to use a 3rd party strategic partner to complete this work. Our strategic partners benefit from us doing all the work to secure and on-board the client using our world class marketing agency and for ultimate consistency and ease of process we take care of all image editing and re-touching in-house so our partners don’t need to worry about that either.

We are currently looking for strategic partners with the following disciplines.

– Portrait Photography
– Onsite Commercial Photography
– Ghost Mannequin Photography
– Product Photography
– Modelling Photography
– Aerial Photography
– Vehicle Photography
– Studio Photography

our strategic partner process

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    We market and make agreement with the client.

    All pre and post sales communication happens directly between our staff and the client. We market to the client, organise the agreement do all administration including pricing, invoicing and obtaining payment.

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    you shoot awesome photos

    Depending on the type of shoot, we will either have our staff deliver product to you or organise you to go on-site at our clients to commence the photoshoot. You then shoot awesome photos in RAW format.

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    electronic transfer of images

    At this stage we manage all editing, retouching and delivery of images to the client. You simply use our internal system to transfer back the RAW files you shot on the day back to us.

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    get paid

    At this point, your job is done, sit back and wait for the next one. We pay above fair market rates for our strategic partners and the pricing is agreed before the shoot so there is nothing to worry about. We take care of all invoicing and post sales with the client so there is basically zero admin for you after the shoot is complete.

What you need to become a partner

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    Full Frame DSLR Equiptment

    It’s essential that our image quality guidelines are met so a minimum of this unless under special circumstances is a modern FX DSLR with a high end professional Lense. Internally we shoot nothing but Nikon FX or Hasselblad but have nothing against our Canon guys either.

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    Studio lighting

    Goes without saying that lighting is essential and even more important knowing how to use it. While our preference for most shoots is Profoto or Broncolor it’s worth talking to us about what equipment you have first to make sure you can consistently deliver at the levels we require.

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    diverse experience

    While our talent manager will pair you with jobs that match your level of experience, we still expect you to be a professional photographer with proven experience. This is not a graduate, intern or work experience program but rather an opportunity for other professional photographers to work with some of our awesome clients.

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    VDSL or Higher

    We are going to be transferring massive images files both ways and can’t wait days for uploads to happen so a fast internet connection is a must.

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    impeccable customer service

    It’s likely that at some point during our partnership you will need to engage one of our customers directly. Customer service is what our business is build around so an essential attribute.

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    to be approved with our NDA agreement

    Confidentiality and management of our client is a primary goal as part of this. You will need to read our strategic partner agreement, sign it and have a skype or phone interview with our talent manager as well as submit a suitable amount or profile or sample shots if asked as part of your application.

Frequently Asked Questions

Simple, to cater for the incredible amount of demand we get. While we have full time photographers in high demand areas there is often times were we need photography and various services done in locations and in diciplines where we cant yet justify having a full time employee.
No generally but you need to be able to consistently produce studio level photography by whatever means you need to. That may be a temporary studio, leasing or shared space arrangement.
You need to be a confident professional photographer. Our talent manager will talk to you more about your skills and how we see you fitting in.
This depends on the scope of the work and what’s required. But trust us when we say we paid well. It’s likely that you will end up getting paid more than you have been used to working by yourself. Plus keep in mind that we manage all administration, customer communication and retouching. So you will be free to concentrate on what you love, photography!
Managing editing in-house allows us to ensure consistency across all future and past shoots for specific customers. Different editors have different styles and processes so keeping this in-house allows us to manage the workflow from start to end.
Our non-disclosure agreement ensures that all parties work fairly and transparently at all times. It also protects our client throughout the process and ensures all relationships run smoothly.
It’s really simple from here. simply fill in the application form linked on this page. Our internal Talent Manager will then go over your application and come back with any questions. From there your in our database for 1 year at a time and we will be in touch via phone or email the second any work comes up that we think you might be suitable for.
While you will need a base set of equipment to turn work around quickly, we also have a gigantic warehouse full of top of the line equipment that depending on the shoot may choose to send or lease to you to assist with completing the job you are assigned.