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Product Image Photography Offers Unique Advertising and Product Photography Services

Product PhotographyProduct Photography in New Zealand is what we live, breath and specialise in.

Our team of expert Product Photographers have shot virtually every type of product conceivable for many of New Zealand’s leading brands and companies across countless industries.

We are widely respected as being New Zealand’s Top Product Photography Agency and one of the Leading Product Photographers in the world.

Of course none of this came overnight so make sure you check out our Product Photography Clients and Product Photography Portfolio to see the proof for yourself.

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Lifestyle PhotographyFor many clients Professional Lifestyle Photography is a key part of their marketing mix.

We work with many leading brands shooting Lifestyle Photography of their products in real-life situations.

We have an in-house expert prop and set designer to ensure that basically any settings that our customers require their products to be shot under can be achieved with 100% realism.

We also have incredible relationships with some of New Zealand’s best models and on-screen talent so can basically cater for anything our clients throw at us.

Check out our amazing portfolio to see how some of our clients have made use of our Lifestyle Photography Services.

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Drone PhotographyBoth Aerial Photography and Drone Photography are becoming increasingly popular as a unique and high end way to capture footage and stills of locations or products in lifestyle environments.

We have an expert Drone / Aerial Photographer who is fully certified and ready to capture truly stunning footage of virtually any location in New Zealand.

Aerial Photography is a very specialised discipline which requires a massive amount of skill so we highly recommend talking to our operator and see some of the results he has produced.

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Ghost Mannequin PhotographyGhost Mannequin Product Photography is a modern way to capture apparel shot on a body-form but without the mannequin showing in the end result.

Traditionally it’s been a very costly and time consuming way to photograph clothing but due to advances in technology we now have a full 3D computer rig allowing us to shoot this sort of style very easily and quickly.

We have a warehouse full of close to every size and shape of body forms on the planet so can achieve basically any look or style our clients require.

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Food PhotographyFood Photography is an area we have specialised in for many years now.

It’s one of the most specialised and technically challenging photography disciplines in existence requiring years of experience to get amazing results.

Our Food Photography Studio has a full semi-commercial kitchen attached allowing for preparation and storage of food items for photography.

And our editor is one of the best in the country and knows all the tricks of the trade for getting brilliant advertising shots of food.

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Google Business ViewGoogle Business View is basically the process of extending Google Street View right into your business allowing customers to talk around in a virtual tour style inside your location.

Our Google Trusted Photographer has hundreds of hours experience shooing Street View Panoramas to showcase our clients businesses to the world.

Adding a virtual tour to both Google Maps as well as your website is a very cost effective way to increase brand awareness and credibility.

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360-photography360 Degree Product Photography is becoming an increasingly popular way to showcase products on the web.

Shooting in this style lets your clients rotate and zoom in and out of your product with ease to fully view and understand your product prior to purchase.

This is an awesome way to make products more tangible in a non-tangible medium like online.

Virtually every client we have worked with on 360 Degree Photography has seen a lift in sales as a result.

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Clear Cut ImagesNope we are not talking about Clearcutting trees here, this is the process of removing backgrounds from images so they can be made either pure white or transparent for editing purposes.

Many of our clients are suppriesd to hear that Product Image provides clearcutting and clipping part services for a wide range of Advertising Agencies and even other Photographers around New Zealand.

Our in-house editor can very quickly clear cut or create clipping paths for virtually any time of image supplied.

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Amazon PhotographyWe work almost daily with high volume Amazon Sellers on shooting Amazon Photography designed to help them increase their sales on Amazon.

Amazon have a wide range of guidelines and rules as far as Product Photography goes so getting the best possible images while keeping within those guidelines is an art in itself.

Checkout our blog to see the numerous Amazon Sellers who we work on photography with and some of the amazing up-lifts in sales they have experienced as a result.

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Advertising PhotographyAs well as providing one of New Zealand’s leading Product Photography Services we also work in studio on a massive range of different advertising photography shoots.

We have an expert in-house set and prop designer to ensure that any layouts or rigs that our clients need can be built and setup in-house to achieve unique and inspirational shots.

We have shot everything from single pieces of nutrigrain to working rainfall shower heads right here in our studio.

No job is too hard or unique for our advertising studio staff, so just ask.

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